Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 4, 2021

Little Cabin in the Big Woods + POTENTIAL

Back on the market, ready to close escrow for one very lucky, cash buyer. This “Little Cabin in the Big Woods’ is just oozing with POTENTIAL. We were so tempted to check the boxes for ‘air conditioning, skylight, microwave and deck’ but that would be a bit misleading, even though they exist.

It was originally listed the first of the year with a few complications. Those have been cleared up now so all is ready to roll.

The value is in the land with deeded, plotted, legal access, existing water share with meter and a power panel looking to get hooked up again. It could be classified as a tear-down but some of you are creative enough to wave your magic tool box with skills to remodel.

Here in San Diego County, you might consider the possibility of building an ADU of up to 1200 sf with very little permit fees. An ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit, similar to a guest house/granny flat type of situation. The land has some beautiful (well… and some not-so-beautiful) trees on this half acre. According to a neighbor’s survey, this little gem is half-way on his land. The shed is over the line, too.

A tree top remodeled the kitchen years ago so that is where the ‘air conditioning and skylight’ feature comes into play and the deck has seen much better days. But, the vintage flooring in the living room and front bedroom might be restored! Yes, that could be lovely.

Photos tell the story about how many stops you might make at Home Depot before coming up to breathe new life into this pretty much, irresistible opportunity. Palomar is an hour from Escondido or Temecula and for many decades, mostly much-loved second homes. Now we are a sought-after escape for full-time folks looking for fresh air while perhaps working from the mountain-top where most families home-school.

What would YOUR plans be?

22198 Crestline Road, half acre with two parcels APNs 135-064-58 and 14

Click for MLS info with lots of pix, then let’s go see!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor for Fixers to the Fabulous

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