Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 31, 2021

The Tale of the Table

As most of you know, for much of the past 20+ years, Bob and Kathy Rios hosted an area at the front of their property with a sign “Free Stuff, Please leave Table”. It was across from Yvonne Hollister’s home. Often when staging a new listing, I would load up and drop off some nice, clean, useful things. Vintage dishes, boxes of books, useful pieces of furniture and so much more. Of course it was used by many neighbors who were sorting out as ‘someone’s trash is another’s treasure’. It was always fun to drive by and see Kathy and Yvonne often getting first dibs, checking out new drop-offs. Many neighbors enjoyed scoring a great find, with a big smile on their face. It wasn’t just the Crestline folks, as word got out and others would often make ‘The Table’ a destination. It was a fun place to meet up!

The table was retired years ago, before Bob and Kathy moved off the mountain. Recently things started to accumulate again in cardboard boxes on the ground. In the spring, when I had a cabin closing escrow, the seller didn’t take his patio table with him and the buyer had her own. So, I spoke with A&W. Oh, just about everyone knows Anne and Wayne. They are caretakers for The Table’s present property owner, Marsha Penner. I asked if we could donate the glass table to that fun adventure. Nancy Horwin and I loaded it up, Teresa McCarthy made the sign and the items at the table were now a little more inviting.

However, to everything there is a season. The Table isn’t working out for the neighborhood so this location is not going to continue. Yesterday several of us cleared off the table and took the sign down. Whoever would like the glass table, you are welcome to it. Otherwise I’ll pick it up by Monday, now that it has been washed off with this lovely rain this morning.

Click for the song you are already humming:

To Everything there is a Season


Bonnie Phelps, Realtor for all Seasons

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  1. So fun, so diplomatic, even a link for a soundtrack, which we Roberts appreciate! XD Blessings, Bonnie!

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