Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 18, 2021

Thunder, lightening and rain, oh my!

Good (very early) Morning to you!!!

Wow, what a show! For those of us on the mountain, we’ve all been awake since about 4:16 am. Much-needed pouring rain, then thunder with a lightening bolt that sounded like it could have touched ground close by. I got up to unplug electronics then ran outside to enjoy the show and maybe have photos for you. But, Teresa McCarthy’s turned out a lot better than mine, so I had to share. (Thanks, Teresa!) It was so fun to see the storm move over us then out to the Pacific. You city folks had a an early morning wake-up, too. Oh look, a chance of more on the way!

Bonnie Phelps on weather-watch with you!

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