Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 17, 2021

Coffee for a Gold Miner

It is always so fun to meet folks at the Woodpecker Firewood Stand. Early this morning I saw a car drive up. It brings me a lot of joy to say hello and pitch the fresh eggs we have an abundance of these days. I reminded this camping couple to help themselves to the free kindling. Then he asked with a very desperate look in his eyes if I knew where they could get coffee.

Sure thing! That would be Starstrucks! Our little coffee counter made their morning extra special. They recently moved here from Alaska and live in Temecula where his wife, Laurie is a loan processor. But what does Keith do? He commutes every two weeks to Alaska where he shows up with about 350 to 400 guys a day working as a gold miner! Northern Star Resources has 42 miles of underground tunnels. Last month they mined 1500 troy ounces of gold. So fun to hear about what he does.

And, Northern Star is hiring! Just think, with all these new listings I have coming up, you could make one your very own and maybe even mine for gold in Alaska while living on beautiful Palomar Mountain. That would sure work for Keith and Laurie. Who knows? They just might be our new neighbors someday!

Bonnie Phelps with a touch of gold fever!


  1. We definitely could use a restaurant up here or coffee shop! That would be so great!

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