Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 18, 2021

Real Estate News

We have more very happy new neighbors for Palomar, and more on the way! Last week the 68 acres on Canfield closed after two, complicated and very long escrows. That is all behind us now as the new owners are thrilled with their getaway. Today we got confirmation on another little cabin that just closed. That owner is so excited with a fun list of things that are in the works to make it extra special.

Tomorrow are inspections at the charming cabin at the top of the grade. It was such a pleasure to meet the buyer when he was up a couple times. Wednesday we’ll have inspections for another Crestline cabin on 4 acres.

One of the toughest things for me is declining the multiple offers! It is a little different in the city because there are so many more places to choose from than we have available on Palomar. Most of you know my broker is my son, Nathan. I work together with him as his transaction coordinator handing the paperwork. He had a listing recently in Escondido with 20 offers in just a couple days. Of course the sellers read all the letters from the folks with nice photos and the buyers saying ‘pick us, pick us!”

That happened with these newest mountain listings, too. It broke my heart to have to let the buyers and/or their agents know that the seller went with someone else.

So, today was a great call from a gal who was a backup offer for one of the cabins. Her agent showed her the home out on Birch Hill and they opened escrow. She asked for help with insurance options. I also pointed her to PMNews and let her know the photo of the dogwood flowers was taken in what will soon be her front yard!

With my listings, I always invite the agents and their clients to meet at our home office. It makes it real nice to get to help themselves to Starstrucks coffee, tea or hot chocolate while we go over some maps. Then we take off and see the properties available and have a little tour. Getting their questions answered about living or being part-time on Palomar is always a pleasure since I am sold myself. The hard part is meeting all these nice people that really would like to have a piece of paradise up here, knowing only one will get it.

In one week I had 22 showings, opened escrow for two, plus the dogwood house slipped into pending :). That means there are 18 different singles, couples or families that missed out. They are pre-approved, very qualified and most are wanting to live here full time.

Thinking of selling? Let’s connect!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor, looking for listings for anxious buyers!

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