Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 6, 2021

Still snowed in? Like your driveway plowed?

Just got a call back from Ron Bowen. He and Debbie live in the city and have been out of town, I hadn’t seen Ron out and about. But he is up here plowing again to help catch up and get folks opened up.

For those of you who are off-mountain, last week, we had the most snow on the ground in over a decade. We were right at about 15 inches and then on Thursday night the forecast called for two more over night with ‘heavy rain’ on Friday. Well, we got 5 inches over night and a good 10 inches of snow on Friday. So, that made about 30 inches to deal with.

Friends were up and built snow tunnels that were enjoyed by lots more kids for several days. So much sledding fun with that much snow and we ended up with lights on for after-dark fun, too. But, if you are still hoping to drive in or out, you now have have two options for opening up. Be sure to leave a message for these busy guys if they don’t answer live:

Ron Bowen cell 619 206-3347 or at the cabin 760-742-2468

Jeremy Dyson voice or text 760-300-0345


  1. Hello Guy, that is on Bailey’s. Your road is plowed to Rick and Nancy’s. I think you’ll be fine.

  2. Is that road 20? Heading up today and hoping i can get back

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