Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 6, 2021

First Place for Trash on Snow Days

First Place Prize for leaving trash on Palomar goes to the guy who wishes he still had it!!! Over these past 20 + years, I’ve dealt with some interesting trash. Let’s see, there was the queen mattress over the side on State Park Road, a car battery, all the mittens, broken sleds and regular stuff, but this car fender won the prize.

Every time someone calls for a snow report, among other things, I always remind them to come prepared to take their own trash back with them. When I saw this lovely piece of trash I felt sorry for the guy who had planned to take it back, but from the looks of it, it might not have been an option.

I pulled over, put the smaller pieces in my car, thinking I’d wait for the next local to stop and help lift the fender with me. What a surprise! Made out of plastic, I picked it up with one hand. It topped off our dumpster quite nicely.

Yes, to any ‘flatlanders’ wondering, we do still have snow and we do hope you get to take back everything you bring up to our beautiful mountain.

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor in the Snow these days…


  1. Nicely written Bonnie. Made me laugh out loud.

    This article gets a prize too, so cheeky and funny

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