Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 27, 2020

Title Team for Real Estate

Jeff Knapp

Meeting my Title Team might spark a bit of joy today!

All of you property owners on Palomar have no idea how much Jeff Knapp and his team have helped this mountain with easement issues.  Jeff has hung in there for over 10 years, helped point me in the right directions, showed up at county and title offices to pled our case to get what was needed to cure most of the easement issues on Palomar.

When I first got my license, nearly 20 years ago, about 90% of the parcels on Palomar were landlocked.  I’ll never forget when a former title rep called and said his company just couldn’t do Palomar anymore.

Jeff to the rescue!  Now about 90% of the properties have legal, deeded access through documents that can be added to your title report as permanent records.  This adds value if you ever pulled permits to build or add on or sell your property.

Thanks Jeff, Kirby, Marvin and all the rest that help make my job so much easier.

Bonnie Phelps

Palomar Realtor since the beginning of the Century

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