Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 27, 2020

The Farm Stands are Open!


Just off the phone with Solidarity Farm in Pauma Valley.  They are open this weekend with lots of fresh produce.   I understand farmer’s markets and farm stands are back up and running and it is so much nicer, to me, to buy directly from local farmers. This doctor gives tips on how to clean your vegies.

Last time I was there, I couldn’t resist their collards.  That guy I live with is a southern boy from the back woods of Carolina.  So, I learned, years ago to really enjoy a ‘mess a collards’.  Very simple.  This big pot fed several families,  I sliced up 6 bunches and since it was St. Pat’s Day, added 3 corned beef. Covered with water. Simmered all day.  (Sometimes the corned beef is extra salty, so you might change out some of the broth). Added some potatoes and cooked until soft. That was it.  No seasoning, nothing.  Sometimes we use ham hocks or kielbasa sausage.

Just thought I’d share our yummy meal for this snowy weather on beautiful Palomar Mountain.

Bonnie Phelps




  1. Hey Bonnie!

    We still enjoy one of your recipes you taught me back in the 80’s!! Summer Sausage, red cabbage and red skinned potatoes all chunked up and steamed till potatoes are soft. Melt a little butter on top and is it ever yummy! Thank you!!

    Just wondering what fresh chicken eggs are running up there? We were at Vons today, $6.99/doz! I thought Trudi was going to pass out!

    Praying you and Don are doing well, staying happy and healthy.

    One more question… Are you showing properties during this shelter in place order or is all of your work in the virtual world?

    We love and miss you two!

    Eric and Trudi Stubbs


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