Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 9, 2020

What a fun day for Real Estate!

That cowboy of mine was on his way out the door to go find me a few minutes ago.  After 2 hours out showing cabins with the nicest family, we just got in at 10:15pm.  (True story!)  It is always so interesting to meet folks looking for their piece of paradise on Palomar.  Paul and Kirsi are both scientists.  Last week her company began an aggressive study on the Coronavirus.  Thankful we have people like her!  With their very busy and demanding careers, it is easy to understand why an escape to their own getaway is so attractive.

IMG_1341   My day started off with a client coming for the second time to see cabins.  Ben Roberts brought me a pie!!!  Ohmygoodness, Apple Alley Bakery in Julian created this apple pecan goodness laced with caramel.  Amazing!

Our property inspector arrived so he got to have a slice, too, as we were running out the door to the first of two inspections. The owner at Falling Cedar cabin brought important documents for the buyer, including some maps I’d never seen before.  I have that package here to make copies as some will be helpful with a survey issue that popped up out on Birch Hill.  Perfect timing for a great find.

Then we took off for the second inspection of the day at Grandpa’s Cabin.  When we arrived, I heard a neighbor working outside on a project and said hello.  How fun to learn that Alex Marley is living up here full time and a chef at the Observatory.  I’d enjoyed so much getting to know his grandparents and folks.  His grandpa was a woodshop teacher and built their cabin decades ago.  His dad is a metal shop teacher.  I remember being in awe seeing their very organized shop that would be the envy of any guy on the planet.

IMG_1968   Everything was going well with the inspection until the cabin door was shut tight with the keys inside on the table.  We tried all the windows… and when Josh-the-buyer arrived, I had an idea.  It was time for him to meet his very nice neighbor.  Alex to the rescue! The simplest way to get back in the cabin might be to remove a skylight.  Of course Alex is just like his dad and grandpa and had the ladder, all the tools needed, knew exactly what to do and even dropped in through that skylight opening so fast!  Hooray for Alex to save the day and unlock the door.

Ben-the-pie-guy met back up with me to watch this latest adventure then we took off for him to see cabins. His job has an option for him to work from home.  He loves coming to Palomar on weekends and it would be a dream-come-true for him to live here.  Soon, very soon.  Well, it was getting late and we were starved so the cowboy took us to a quick dinner at the camp!  Such a treat!  Ben headed down the mountain and I responded to Kirsi and Paul.  They’d messaged me this morning about seeing property today.  I let them know I’d get back to them when I was free.  I didn’t guess it would be so late and they would be up for put their three charming children in the car to run over from their cozy vacation rental after dark.

It was so beautiful tonight and we had so much fun letting that big, beautiful moon guide our way.

So, how was your day?



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