Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 3, 2020

Welcome youngest mountain guy, his dad and mom, too!


Baby Theodore is already two months old!

His dad and mom, Justin and Jackie Davis had been looking to buy a home with “more trees and birds than cars and people”.  After being raised with the four seasons in Pennsylvania, when Justin expanded their home search and discovered Palomar, he was pretty excited.

Today’s welcome on Super Bowl Sunday is long over due as their first visit up was on Super Bowl Sunday two years ago!!! They were without a Realtor so they walked around the outside of the house and immediately loved it.  Then, they decided to go to the Observatory and hiked the trail. The snow on the ground was so beautiful! Oh, such a magical day! They must live on the Mountain! So much has happened since then!  They were married in the State Park and have an adorable pup named Fern and now they are proud parents of a son!

What an adventure for mom and dad hiking through the snow to get to the hospital for little Theodore to join their happy family!  That is quite a story, so they shared photos with permission to tell you all about it.


Palomar had a big Thanksgiving snow.  Justin and Jackie were off for a few days visiting family.  They came home when they heard the roads were clear on Sunday night. They knew it wasn’t plowed out by their home, so they parked at the Lodge.  They love to hike anyway and had their sled to get their things up the hill to the house.

That evening hike must have encouraged their baby to come sooner than later.  By 4:00 in the morning, they knew they needed to take off to the hospital.  It was still dark when they bundled up, put their headlamps on, grabbed a walking stick and started the trek to their car.

Jackie had to stop so often with her contractions so by they time she got to the car, the sun was up.  The monitor on her phone kept sending messages “Go to the hospital now!”.  She finally made it ‘over the mountain and through the woods’ to their car and was pretty glad to sit down for the ride to Encinitas.  A friend met them along the way that would be watching Fern.  They got to the hospital in time to settle in for the birth of their healthy baby boy.

Oh, and one more thing!  Their new home has a fabulous workshop that was a dream-come-true for Justin.  Be sure to check out his Facebook page Palomar Mountain Woodworks.  Don’t you love Baby Theodore’s cradle that his daddy made?

Lots more to come from the Davis Family!




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