Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 2, 2020

How is Real Estate?


Thank you for asking!

So busy with many varied Real Estate ‘adventures’! Had such a pleasant visit to the Assessor’s Office this week.  Twenty years ago when I first started my career in real estate, it wasn’t quite the same.  Things have sure changed at the county offices over the past couple decades.  My last few visits get Five Stars and always opportunities to learn even more!

The Titanic?!??  Please keep reading.  We opened escrow on the enchanting Falling Cedar Cabin.  Didn’t have a chance yet to share a bit about that history.  Apparently a little girl on the Titanic came home to eventually catch the eye and marry the very dashing Mr. Kenyon.  They discovered Palomar and built a small cabin to stay in while designing and building the “big house”.  Building 100 years ago was quite a project as we are pretty spoiled with our quick trips up and down.  To get supplies from San Diego to Palomar at that time, would mean navigating the Nate Harrison Grade since the South Grade wasn’t built until many years later. Building on Palomar was a labor of love.  The Big House is now is Glenn and Cecelia Borland’s forever home and the little cabin has some buyers very excited to be the next owners.  I do believe the Kenyons would be so pleased to know how much each owner cherishes what they also loved, almost a century ago!

Clouds on Title?  It is so interesting to deal with property with usually friendly, often long-time, uses of neighboring land.  Sometimes it is helping to cure ways to make one’s land fit your desires and have ‘deeded, legal access and easements’. Several times we take care of that corner of your cabin or maybe a porch that has been on the neighbor’s land with ‘permission’ all these years. Now that permission can become deeded and recorded on title … ah, cleaning up the clouds!   I’ve worked with these projects so many years now.  It is always interesting to get things resolved so everyone can sleep well  long after escrows are behind us or as property is passed on to future generations.  Sometimes there are situations with property owners not interested in selling but just wanting to get some known issues resolved.  I’m glad to be a sounding board and point you in the right direction for professional advice.

So many showings lately – sometimes several a day.  Crazy busy with many people wanting a cabin, home, lots and land or a ranch on Palomar.   It is always such a pleasure to share this mountain with others.  We just need a few more listings so if you are considering selling, let’s connect.  Always glad to get your questions answered.

Bonnie Phelps

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