Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 30, 2020

New Neighbors – Renaud and Sandra


Why did this fun couple want a cabin on Palomar??  “To get away from the city!!!”  Renaud and Sandra Tristan have been dreaming of a retreat with fresh air, hiking and exploring the beautiful mountain as their first retirement home.  ‘Happy Cabin’ will be much-loved escape on days off for now.

They are both trained chefs and live a very busy life owning a charming bistro in San Diego; La Bonne Table. Renaud is from France and does the dinners – such an amazing menu!  Sandra hails from Italy, loves to bake, and creates their Sunday Brunch.

When they came the first day to see property, it was apple season.  We all had a great time picking and eating the delicious apples and they went home with enough to do some baking for the restaurant.  Sandra made (are you ready for this???) Tarte Tatin. The Palomar Apples became an upside down caramel apple tarte with puff pastry.

We. Must. Go. Soon!

Visit their website

Dinners nightly from 4 to 9 with Sunday Brunch 10 to 3.  Reservations recommended.

A very warm welcome to Renaud and Sandra!

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