Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 7, 2020

Looking for Inspiration?


Like to get a dose of motivation for this new decade?  Celebrating his 90th Birthday today, double amputee, Stan Rohrer is Roaring into the 21 Century!

It was a pleasure meeting him a few years ago at the Palomar Amateur Radio Club tower on Crestline.  Thanks to Bob Gonsett for sending this to share with you:

From: Robert Gonsett
Subject: The Miraculous W9FQN

Stan Rohrer, W9FQN, past president of the Palomar Amateur Radio Club and hiking buddy for W6VR, is a downright miraculous and inspirational guy despite the loss of both of his legs. Nothing slows him down. He writes:

“…it appears as though my 90th birthday [skydiving] jump made the TV stations here in San Diego. It was covered by several Stations and then the San Diego Tribune. The “freefall” was about 120 mph but slowed down when the parachute opened. My real excitment was the evening before when I received my Driver’s license good unti 2025! Be sure to click on the video. Stan”

Be sure to click for the video!

Hooray for Stan!!!  Happy 90th Birthday from your friends on Palomar Mountain!

Bonnie Phelps


  1. Hi Bonnie!

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks very much for sharing this wonderful story,

    Michael Walsh


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