Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 1, 2020

Great Day for a Hike and Real Estate!

snoman 2020

It was kind of bitter-sweet to look out from my desk and see our happy snowman is doing what frozen things do in our Palomar sun!

Sure makes for a great day to take in a hike!  See info below from the State Park.

Also, I’m available to open doors for you today – and lots of doors in 2020! Looking forward to welcoming all the new neighbors to the Mountain this year!  Who wants to come up and see cabins, homes or land a mile nearer Heaven on beautiful Palomar Mountain?  Paved roads are clear, I can get you around the snowy roads. Let’s bundle up and do it!

State Park Hike Info:

Get your hiking boots on!!! Come on out and hike the Boucher Loop on New Years Day! See note below from the State Park inviting all to meet up for a fun, first day of the new century hike!  From State Park Road, pass the Kiosk and make the next right into the Silvercrest Picnic area where you meet up for the hike:

From: Palomar Mountain State Park
January 1st marks the beginning of a new decade. Start it off with a hike in one of America’s State Parks!
We are participating in the #FirstDayHike in 2020 with a hike on Boucher Loop Road starting at 10:00 AM. Meet at the Silvercrest Picnic Area. The hike will be 1.7 miles and will also be dog friendly! Pack a coat and some binoculars to take advantage of the stellar views at the lookout.

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor for the New Decade!


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