Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 16, 2019

Apple Days on Palomar

judah and Robert

One of the first customers at the Theater Kid’s Apple Stand last weekend was Veronica and her children.  She walked over from their cabin on Crestline, pushing their stroller.  Robert arrived on his tractor.  Even some motorcycle riders stopped for apples.  The stand is full service!  You are welcome to sit a spell and watch the fun, too. Come one, come all!

Many thanks to our volunteer pickers who helped the children pick today; Burt and Penny Hulbert, Teresa McCarthy, and Ryan, a client who came up to see cabins (he is pretty impressed with this mountain!!!).


We are so grateful for the property owners who have given permission to pick their delicious fruit.  The trees are still so loaded with apples and they seem to be sweeter each time we pick. Each bag contains all the apples from the same tree.  From what I can gather, there are bags of Rome Beauties, Gala, Granny Smith and Pippin from these 115 year old trees where we picked today.

Cast members will be at the top of the South Grade with apples and show tickets.

Saturday  from 11 to 1 and Sunday from 1 to 3… or until sold out.

$5.00 a bag and $5.00 a ticket – Such a Sweet Deal!!!

They also have bags of apples available 24/7 at the Woodpecker Firewood Stand on State Park Road (you can’t miss it!).

100% of proceeds go to the Palomar Mountain Kids Theater Club with their first show Saturday evening of Thanksgiving Weekend.

See you at the Summit!

Bonnie Phelps




  1. Nothing like mountain apples! I knew this would be a great way to raise money for the theatre kids !

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