Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 12, 2019

Real Estate on the Highway to the Stars


You meet the nicest people showing property on our favorite mountain.  Folks with dreams of owning something on the Hightway to the Stars are extra special. They have several traits in common; they love their family and desire to spend more quality time together and they appreciate nature with our beautiful forest, birds and wildlife. They also often look forward to downsizing from their city house.  It is freeing to say “Less is best” and “Let’s go outside and take a walk in the woods…”

I’m between two showing appointments today.  The first couple just left with lots to think about.  They plan to retire on the mountain and are looking for the perfect setting, knowing they could add their personal touches to whatever they see.

My next clients are back for a return look at a couple cabins. They have been up several times.  Saturday they toured the latest offerings.  They are also looking to live full time, one mile nearer heaven.  They are coming back for a second look before writing their offer.

More full timers heading out way, longing for our very special lifestyle on the Highway to the Stars!

Would you like to have me open the doors for you?  Questions about selling, weekending or joining us full time on this mountain?

Let’s connect!

Bonnie Phelps




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