Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 16, 2019

Mountain Kids at Ground Zero


It has been a pretty somber week remembering 911.  I thought some of you might appreciate this post with five kids from Palomar being introduced to such a significant event for our country.

Their home school mom, our daughter-in-law, and main driver for their cross-country ‘field trip’ vacation this summer, posted this on social media:

From: Heidi Phelps

They read the names. “Why is this building and this waterfall with these names here?” Well, let me tell you…   #teachthembytouchingthetwistedmetal 

Heidi is also the director/producer for the Christmas Play coming up the last weekend in November.  Hope you Save the Date to kick off the Christmas Season with a fun play staring lots of great mountain kids.


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