Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 16, 2019

Kids Club TWICE the Fun


It is Back to School for the kids on Palomar Mountain!  Of about 55 kids privileged to live on Palomar fulltime,  all but just a couple are home-schooled.  Everyone has it pretty amazing living on this beautiful mountain.

The past few years the Home Schoolers have enjoyed a very vibrant Kids Club orchestrated by Stacy Eriksen.  They meet each Tuesday.

This Tuesday they’ll be meeting Will Meyst at the State Park! He’ll be doing the Junior Ranger Navigating / Compass / Map Reading program with the kids.  They’ll meet Will at the Campfire Center at 10am.  If the activity isn’t working for the little kids, Doane Pond is right there to go play at while the big kids do the navigating activity.

Another day has been added this year for twice the fun!

Thursday Mornings the older kids have ‘Next Step’ hosted by Heidi Phelps and Lori Morrison.  To finish their unit this month on Math, they’ll be making cookies. Measuring, weighing, comparing, and enjoying the fruits of their labor!

Unit Themes for this year:
September: Math
October: Weather
November: Culture Through Cuisine
December: Christmas Around the World
January: Planets and Space
February: Art
March: Literature
April: History (History Presentations, April 30)
May: Science (Science Fair, May 28)

But, that’s not all!  Kids Club isn’t just all about kids.  Two events this Fall for the community to come together and enjoy some old fashioned fun on the mountain:

October 31st, Thursday night –  The second Annual Trunk or Treat for a faBOOlous Halloween is coming up for all you mountain folks.

November 30th – Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend to see “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” staring the mountain kids!  More info real soon!

Kids Club has private pages on Facebook to make it real easy for the parents to keep in touch with all the activities. Like more info? Just let me know and I’ll get you connected.

Bonnie Phelps



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