Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 23, 2019

Labor Day Weekend Picnic


Old-fashioned fun awaits at the Palomar picnic coming up next Saturday! A very happy time was had by all watching the raffle (great prizes!!!) and all the kids having so much fun with the games and prizes.  Put on your thinking cap and look around and see what might be fun to donate to the raffle.

The fire department was there with a big truck for kids to climb on, there were a couple booths and a relaxing, enjoyable time hosted by the volunteers with the Community Center.

GREAT food, too!  Lots of mountain made choices to choose from.  Get out your favorite recipes or bring a bucket of chicken or whatever your heart desires.

From: Stacy Eriksen‎
August 21 ·

The Community Picnic is coming up on Labor Day Weekend! My husband and I will be hosting various games for kids with prizes to win. Come out and play with us! They are also still taking donations for the raffle, if you can donate anything to that. Hope to see you there!

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