Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 22, 2019

Need grooming done? Wow, look at Conifer Road!


Finishing up an escrow out on Conifer Road.  I’ve driven in and out quite a few times lately.  I’ve been so impressed to see the grooming done on this one mile+ road. I wish I had a before pic to show how that 8 to 10 foot ceanothus, scrub brush and cedars were totally chocking the road.  This fine work also gives a much needed fire break along the east side of Birch Hill and Crestline.

Phil Boczanowski,  the developer of the Conifer subdivision, also orchestrates the work for the road maintenance agreement that the properties through the gate benefit from.  He often has his heavy equipment on the mountain and is available to work on your property, too.

Carmel Valley Contractors, Forestry Division, Phil Boczanowski
Excavator, Masticator, Bobcat, licensed and insured.

Contact info also available on the Fire Safe Council website under Local Resources.

Bonnie Phelps

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