Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 27, 2019

Kids Club Art Show!

There are some very talented folks on Palomar!  Stacy Eriksen is at the top of the list as she does such an amazing job heading up Kids Club.  These pix are from last year’s show. The kids and some adults brought their recent art to show and also had a chance to be creative that day, too.

We now have 50 kids on Palomar year-round!  “Fifty” is not a typo!  Our population is growing, too!  Three fulltime moms up here are expecting babies! How wonderful is that!?!

YOU are invited to join in the fun!  Perhaps you have a craft, hobby or special interest you could share sometime.  Or, like me, you just might like to be around these home-schooled, amazing kids and their folks.  It is a great way to fill up your cup!!!

Bonnie Phelps,  keep reading for invite from Stacy!

From: Stacy Eriksen

Palomar Mountain Kids Club’s Arts & Crafts Show: Tuesday, March 5th

Our Second Annual Arts & Crafts Show has arrived! Mountain children are invited to bring their favorite works of art that they have created to display in our “gallery”. Drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures, mosaics, quilts, sewn items – they are all welcome!

Hands-on art activities will also be available for all ages to get creative with! (Paint may be involved, so a smock / big old t-shirt to throw on might not be a bad idea.) Learn some fabric / fiber arts, try your hand at some drawing and painting, and who knows what else might be in store for you?

Please join us!  Littles are invited to come and clap their hands, stomp their feet, and wiggle all around during our Storytime at 9:30. Our Arts & Crafts Show will begin afterwards at 10am.

Everyone is also invited to bring snacks to share – no nuts please.

For more information, please contact Stacy Eriksen.

Email:  // phone: 0214


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