Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 23, 2019

Snow on Palomar – chains required

chains required

Guessing many of you love snow just about as much as I do.  I’ve seen photos taken from off-mountain, and our snow looks sooooooo inviting.  If you are reading this from the Flatlands and planning on bringing your family up this weekend, chains are required.

It is very beautiful up here but if you can make it up during the week, you might enjoy it even more.

Because of the deeper snow, we have much less parking available than most snow weekends.  Driveways are still blocked, the berms along the sides of the roads are much deeper and the bottom layer from the prior storm is solid ice from days of low temps in the 20’s.

I was out and about most of the roads today and there is almost no place to park  safely.  (I got sooooo stuck in my 4WD today! Lots of shoveling… Don’t tell my husband!) If you do come up and try to park along the side of the road, most of the berms along the top of the grades are still too deep to pull over and be on the outside of the white line. You’re a magnet for a ticket if you park your car inside the white line.  The CHP promises to be on duty.

The ‘Residents Only’ signs are up on our two residential areas; Crestline and Bailey Road.  That is because the land along those roads are private property and there is no public parking and no areas for public snow play.  These are people’s personal homes and cabins. Also, the Observatory is usually closed on snow days and that area for the same reason.

Hummmm, I do happen to know a way you can get past those ‘Residents Only’ signs!  You can put one of our homes, cabins, lots, land or ranches in your name!  Ah, that must be a Realtor talking!

Glad to help in anyway,

Bonnie Phelps







  1. Thank you Bonnie!  Read this last night.All that need to know Thank you!Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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