Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 21, 2019

Road Crew gearing up!


It is amazing how much more snow is on Crestline from the last storm!  Maybe 5 inches or so!  The berms along the road and in front of the driveways are pretty high.  It was great to see Joe out with the big loader.  He is working on moving the snow off the roads with that big bucket, into their easement.   His goal is to keep Crestline and Baileys with two lanes open.   Time will tell!

We had been teased with two feet of this white stuff.  I just added up the forecast and now we are down to closer to a foot. It has been snowy with sleet off and on, giving us only a dusting here on State Park Road.  Guessing Crestline and other areas might have even more if it behaves like the last storm.

What ever comes our way, we really appreciate around-the-clock dedication of our local crew and all who put in the extra hours during these storms. THANK YOU!

Let it Snow!

Bonnie Phelps

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