Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 18, 2019

Like to vacation on Palomar?


There are very happy Valentine/President’s Weekend guests enjoying the snow at vacation rentals ’round Palomar.  It is the absolutely best way to have snow fun on this mountain.  After sledding and hiking in this beautiful winter wonderland, it is always so nice to be able to go inside and get warm by the fire.

Palomar has a couple dozen vacation rentals to choose from. Some on posted on Palomar Properties Rentals page.  At the bottom of that page are links to also search VRBO or Airbnb for the dates you are interested in.

Since most everything was booked for this three day weekend, long ago, I’ve had a few calls.  Some folks I have spoken to the last few days would be content with only one night.  However, most rentals have a 2 night minimum so here are some tips:

  1. Even if you are looking for only one night, search for two nights.  Sometimes an owner will book for one at a last minute or when they have an extra night between guests.
  2. Looking for the best rates?  That would be mid-week.  Sunday night through Thursday nights have some great deals.  Also, unless a holiday, the traffic is much less.
  3. Book well in advance.  Most cabins have a three night minimum on three day weekends, longer minimums for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.
  4. You can’t bring too many dry sox and gloves.  The cute, often colorful, fuzzy gloves for kids of all ages?  Pass.  If you want to sled or play in the snow, they fail in less than a minute.  Get the water proof gloves, you’ll be glad you did – often a great deal at your local thrift store, along with bibs and hooded jackets.  Want the warmest hands?  Mittens are the best.  Must have knit caps with this very cold weather and wind to avoid ear aches.
  5. Brush up on The Golden Rule when on Palomar.  Be extra-respectful of neighbors as most appreciate their peaceful, quite ambiance.

We have only about an inch of snow from this afternoon at the top of the mountain but it is coming down now.    We’re promised 3 to 7 inches tonight.  You MUST have chains as the snow is to be at 3500 feet elevation.  It’s 20 degrees at our place now and very windy.  Burrr!

Thinking of seeing some Real Estate?  Staying a few days in one of our rentals is a wonderful idea!

Glad to get questions answered anytime!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor-in-the-Snow




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