Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 16, 2019

Mountain Lion and ….?

mtn lion

Wouldn’t you love to know more of the history of this photo?  Given to me years ago by East-Grader, Bob Haas, it begs questions.

Do you see what I see?  Things can happen so fast.  Why wasn’t the lion shy of the photographer?  He appears to be eyeing his next dinner up by the house. Why was the photographer concerned about taking the photo when that lion could be to the toddler in seconds?

Several folks have seen this photo over the years.  Everyone thinks they know right where the cabin is on the mountain.  But, turning it over, the back tells us it was taken at Beaverhead Lodge about 1940 near Alpine, Arizona on Jess and Flora Burkes’ Ranch.

Just something interesting to share with you while cleaning out my desk in front of the fire.




  1. That is the fattest, shortest legged lion I’ve ever seen. Sure it’s not a fat Lab?

  2. Looks more like a dog than a mountain lion. Difficult to see in small photo, but legs are very short (compare to height of planter, which is probably 18-24 inches tall), and tail, again, looks more dog-like. Also, note position of ears.

    On Fri, Feb 15, 2019 at 6:19 PM Palomar Mountain News wrote:

    > Bonnie Phelps posted: ” Wouldn’t you love to know more of the history of > this photo? Given to me years ago by East-Grader, Bob Haas, it begs > questions. Do you see what I see? Things can happen so fast. Why wasn’t > the lion shy of the photographer? He appears to be eyeing h” >

    • I see what you mean Elizabeth. I’ve also questioned the length of the tail over the years. I guess we’ll never know for sure. East Grader, Frank McCarthy commented on my Facebook today:
      Looks like they had some really good mule deer hunting on that ranch too. That is a weird photo. The lions ears are down, he wants to eat that kid. I think the lion crept into the frame just as he was triggering the camera.

      Bonnie Phelps: I agree Frank McCarthy. Guessing these ranchers had a photographer out maybe for ranch photos? Great time of day to capture the lodge with the sun at your back. So curious what happened a few seconds after…

      Frank McCarthy: I know exactly what happened, all hell broke loose, every guy around was running for their 30-30 Winchester’s…

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