Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 28, 2018

Tree down on East Grade


Huge fir tree completely blocking East Grade Road at 5.6 mile marker at about 4:45 pm .
The cowboy had just driven through. Met him at the gate for my showing at Panorama Trail. He turned around and we went back up. My clients were in front of me. A motorcycle passed us on a double yellow, going crazy fast.
It was very close with the no-fear motorcycle guy stopping just in time. Don’t think he will go that fast again. That car coming down, arrived right after wedid. If they had been looking down, they could have hit the tree. Pretty tight curve.
I gave the motorcycle guy a job suggesting he climb over that tree and walk up to let people know about the tree, a little further up the road. He was glad to be alive and did what I suggested.

Guessing our Road Station crew will have it cleaned up pretty quick but you might consider taking the South Grade going up or down tonight.

Pretty dry out there and breezy today…. free firewood!

Bonnie Phelps



  1. That happned to me going down south grade once, at dusk. I tried to stop traffic gong down, a few close calls, tho. Then dufus was angry w. me. LOL. 1984 or so. As you know motorcycles on the mountain have been a nuciance since there was a mountain.

  2. Hi Bonnie –

    Glad you were OK. That was a big fir that died in the 1999 fire, if I am remembering correctly.

    I’ve been waiting for that one to fall over for some time.

    Very glad everyone was able to stop in time, and that Mr. Motorcycle was able to help direct traffic.

    Best wishes to you and the “cowboy”,

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