Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 28, 2018

8 pm Pumpkin Patch & Bach Concert!


Everyone is invited to ‘Brett’s Pumpkin Patch’ tonight!

8 pm for a 4 minute Organ Concert

Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor!

One of our full time neighbors, Brett Michael Houser is an amazing organist.  He has this magnificent organ in his home. He promised a dozen carved pumpkins that will be lit outside his home on Birch Hill.  We are all invited to be in front of his house, on the road.  At 8:00 sharp, his door and windows will be open and the organ will begin to play…

Directions: Grab your flashlight, and park at the end of Crestline. (Brett’s home is next door to one of my listings, so you can follow the Palomar Properties signs). At the end of Crestline, take the road to the left (you’ll pass two cabins on each side). Follow that road to the first chance to turn right. Turn right, and continue on that little dirt road. Brett’s home is the 5th cabin on the left.  You’ll see the pumpkins out on his deck. The music will start at 8:00 sharp.

After the concert, everybody cheer a big ‘thank you’ to Brett! Then, you might want to walk the loop back to your cars. Just keep going the direction you came, keep turning to the right, and that will take you back to Crestline.

To get you in the mood, here is a performance off You Tube. It is not Brett, but will suffice:

Bonnie Phelps




  1. Well that will be just lovely!

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