Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 25, 2018

Two break-ins last week – Hooray for cameras!

Within the last few days, a garage was broken into at the top of the mountain.  Apparently items were staged inside to load up quickly when the thief returns.

We need to be extra careful and on the look-out.  If you see anything suspicious and can take safely a photo with a license plate, that would be wonderful.  The more camera’s on Palomar, the better.

A camera was sure helpful with this situation on the East Grade.  Do you know this guy?:

From: East Grad Resident

We came up on Friday to find our gate on East Grade broken and a stranger’s car by the garage.

We had a person break our gate and break into our garage and stay on our property from 9/9 to 9/14. This person took a white van from the property which was later found blocking another driveway on East Grade and towed on 9/17. The suspect was captured on surveillance cameras on the property and left his car on the property. It was discovered and towed away on 9/21. San Diego County Sheriff office has already been on the scene and identified the suspect from evidence at the scene as well as the surveillance photos showing him and his car.

Please note that this person may still be in the area.

Attached are two photos of him ten days ago.

We appreciate all the mountain residents who look out for each other and their properties!



  1. Well done Bonnie. Thanks. Chuck


  2. I’m all about the cameras. Keith did it exactly right. You should put several cameras around at different points. It’s likely that the thieves will find one or two of them but if you hide them right, they won’t find all of them. And the Brownings take beautiful photos, and will store thousands of them, all for about $159 apiece. If you ever need help setting them up I’m happy to help…
    619-993-5237. You get lots of nice wildlife photos too.

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