Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 25, 2018

Camera Tips from Frank

Like to get some cameras installed?  Have some questions?  East Grader, Frank McCarthy has been a tremendous help to many on the mountain with setting up cameras on or off grid.  Here is his comment on the post about the break-ins.  Let’s get those bad guys!

FROM: Frank McCarthy

I’m all about the cameras. Keith did it exactly right. You should put several cameras around at different points. It’s likely that the thieves will find one or two of them but if you hide them right, they won’t find all of them. And the Brownings take beautiful photos, and will store thousands of them, all for about $159 apiece. If you ever need help setting them up I’m happy to help…
619-993-5237. You get lots of nice wildlife photos too.



  1. Thanks Bonnie. I hate these guys, it’s a pleasure to see one identified

    > Frank E. McCarthy > Cell: 1-619-993-5237 > Office: 1-714-853-1947 > Email:


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