Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 13, 2018

S’mores and More on Saturday


This old-fashioned, get-to-know-your-neighbors, BBQ Potluck is planned for Saturday.

Saturday the 14th, 4:00 to 10 ish  – Gather ’round, visit, games, campfire

5:00 to 6:30  – Taco Time and Potluck

I stopped at the Fire Department today to borrow tables and chairs (thanks Mike Pique for setting that up).  Those nice firemen offered to deliver! So we have plenty of seating.  (Isn’t it great what folks will do for tacos?!)  🙂

Cecilia Borland called today offering to bring a couple more games.  She is also bringing fresh mountain mint for sun tea… ah, the good old days are here again!

From the top of the mountain, take State Park Road to the grandkid’s cute little firewood stand.  Unload there and park where you can on the road, across at the lookout, or along Fern Meadow Road. If you’d like a shuttle, please let us know when you unload.

Thank you!  Where ever you may be this weekend, have a wonderful one!

Bonnie and Don










  1. Hi Bonnie ,
    there will be four USFS Firefighters + Smoky Bear for a total of Five today.

  2. Hey Bonnie!

    Can we still come? Trudi has to work until 7 PM, but Trudianne is home and she and I would love to join you guys! Is Nate Harrison Grade open? We’re planning on Jeepin it up there!

    Eric Stubbs


    • Hooray! I haven’t heard about the Nate being closed. Looking forward to seeing you!

    • Hooray, looking forward to seeing you soon! Come on up The Nate!

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