Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 9, 2018

Palomar in Bloom!


A charming six year old handed me this mini bouquet yesterday.  Beautiful, isn’t it?  (Thank you Kate!)  Last year we had a foot of snow on the ground this first week of May, but this year Palomar is in full bloom!

Lots of beautiful spring color to discover up here, a mile nearer heaven!  I suggested a city friend count the number of different wild flowers on her way up the South Grade.  When she arrived, she said “17”.  Yes, you can see so many flowers blooming – and more budding out very soon.  There are even more to discover when you take off on a hike and look through a child’s eyes at the tiny bursts of color carpeting this mountain.

We know Spring is on the way when the first color appears at the bottom of the grades.  The flowers bloom and the trees leaf out at the lower elevations first… in another couple days the trees at the top will be dressed in the vibrant bright green of Spring.

Come on up for the wild flower show, fresh mountain air, our beautiful views and maybe, just maybe, you’ll decide you must have a piece of paradise for your very own!

Such a beautiful time for a Real Estate Tour!  Painters were delayed by our inch of rain last week but now on the way to a home for sale so the exterior will be all fresh and new.  A 20 gallon per minute well was drilled at a cabin yesterday! We have a perk test and well cert on that beautiful Panorama Trail land, a surveyor was up marking corners at another cabin-in-the-woods …  lots of new options in the works for your summer fun so let’s go see!

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