Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 8, 2018

Kids Grade 4 through 12???


Would your kids like to go to one of the fun, week-long camps on Palomar this summer?  Check out Base Camp and the very adventurous Adventure Camps for boys.  A great deal is waiting for you when you sign up for both.

How about Horse Camp?  Lots of fun in store and a pre-summer discount available now!

Click for the info then click through to watch some great previews of all the fun waiting for you on Palomar!  Book your dates and your kids might be at the same camp as our free-range, mountain raised grandkids for even more fun!


This just in: Jodie’s Kindermusik Day Camp had a couple more kids register and room for a few more!  Oh, and Kids Club on Tuesdays… lots of fun on Palomar for kids of all ages this summer!

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