Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 29, 2018

Dirt Work? Call Doc!


Fire and Emergency Vehicle Access: Call Doc!

I am a retired Operating Engineer with 45 years experience in road building, dams, highways, underground, septic, and pond creation.  I have run everything from cranes to backhoes and everything in between. I have worked in cities and in forests. Since living on Palomar Mountain for 14 years I have made and maintained roads and driveways built to accommodate water flow so they stay put. 

I’ve worked for the State Park, the Volunteer Fire Department, Mother’s Kitchen, and the Water Company.  Work is what I do. I cut down trees, rescue stuck vehicles, split fire wood, fix tires, and generally try to keep out of my wife’s hair.

It’s been a long winter and my wife is eyeing the warmer weather and clearing skies, and when she saw this notice from the PMPO and Fire Department, she laid it strategically next to my morning coffee and I got the hint:
“No job too big or small.”

So if you want that ambulance or fire truck to make it down your deer trail of a road, CALL DOC.  He’ll fix you up.  At a reasonable price. Because you’re doing his wife a favor.

Doc Sowards
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