Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 29, 2018

Conifer Road Home For Sale on 9 Acres


What is one of the main reasons people desire their own piece of paradise on Palomar?  The beauty of the Four Seasons, of course!  This doesn’t look like much of a marketing photo, but let me tell you why it is so special!

I love snow and there is something extra special about snow and blue sky.  When those  storm clouds clear and we have bright blue sky, you’ll find me cruising with my camera to capture snow days ’round Palomar.

After our last storm, I was all over the top of the mountain.  I have brand new snow tires and a good 4 wheel drive. There were places where I decided to park and walk to some listings.  I wanted to go to Conifer Road but I thought the road could still be a little challenging.  What a fun surprise!  Such a beautiful road to drive!

The Observation Point subdivision has their own snow plow!  You share in a Road Maintenance Agreement that keeps about two miles of paved road in great shape.  Plus the road is plowed in the winter.  It sure looked great when I pulled right up to this property.

Another fun surprise was waiting for me when I went inside.  It was pleasantly comfortable!  Cold outside but that Blue Jean insulation and the really keeps the home at a pleasant temperature!  On the hottest day in August, I was heading that way.  Delayed, I finally arrived about 3:00.  When I pulled in the driveway and looked at those windows facing the west, I thought, “it is going to be an oven inside!  It was so refreshing!  I was so impressed!

You will be, too!  Come on out for your tour of ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’.  Click for a few more photos. But, this is one you really need to experience in person.  Then, let’s go hike through the nine acres!

I’ll be wearing my jeans,

Bonnie Phelps



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