Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 26, 2017

Welcome New Neighbor Terry Barbee


When Terry was 5 years old, his family had a weekend rancho in Pauma Valley.  Over 20 year, has many happy memories of growing up out on the property and coming up to Palomar for snow.  During his late teens he became intrigued with mathematics and the Observatories. It was only natural for him to desire a cabin on the mountain.

Actively looking for a few years, he found the perfect getaway.  It is freshly painted and he is having new flooring installed.  Today a bentwood rocker will be his first furniture addition. Before buying a cabin, he had his fishing reels rebuilt so is looking forward to having his son, Christopher, up for hiking, fishing and visiting the telescope.

Terry has a Phd in mathematics and just authored his first book.  Designed for sophomore and junior level college students, or anyone interested in higher mathematics, Classical Ordinary Differential Equations with Numerical Examples should be up on Amazon in a week or so.

Glad to be a part in helping Terry make his dream come true!


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