Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 21, 2017

New Neighbors – Sisters from Ireland


Noreen and Colleen’s parents came to America as Irish Immigrants.  The girls were born in New York City.  When they were 5 and 2 years old, the family moved back to Ireland where they were raised.  When Noreen was 17 she joined the Navy and moved to San Diego.  Colleen followed a few years later because of more job opportunities here.  They both brought their charming Irish accents with them.

Several times a year the girls vacation together.  They’ve enjoyed staying in different cabins.  In the Spring they found themselves at Cabin Fever and fell in love with the area.  Seeing deer and the many kinds of beautiful birds up here is pretty special!   On a whim, they took me up on a offer for a cabin tour.  When they saw the cute, quaint, little red cabin in the woods, Noreen said she “acted on impulse” and just had to put it in her name.  Of course, Colleen believes the next best thing to owning a cabin is to have a sister who does!

When not dreaming about the next fun remodeling idea, Noreen works as a Civil Servant with logistic support for the Navy.  Colleen has been on the retail side of Dixieline for 21 years.  The cabin has been the center of conversation of course.  It was so fun to see what the contractor recently discovered in a cabin wall:


“This cabin was built in 1950 by Walter Ekberg – his wife and daughter Alicelynn.  Alicelynn was 12 years old.  Cabin finished in 1953.  The Ekbergs live in South Gate, Calif. at 8986 May Court”

This is also a bit of a Christmas surprise for Alicelynn who recently sold the cabin she and her husband owned for many happy years, just below the one her folks built that Noreen now cherishes. Noreen plans to frame the note and have it in a special place in the cabin.

Click to see Cabin Reminiscing by Alicelynn   I’m thinking we need to get Alicelynn up here to meet the sisters from Ireland, don’t you?

Merry Christmas one and all!

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  1. Bonnie

    I’m sitting here in tears! I just opened my message this morning while sipping coffee, and when I read your posts I immediately saw my mom’s handwriting jumping out at me! What a shock/surprise! Who knew my mom had put a note in the wall, or wherever it was? I had no idea but it just exactly like something my mom would do. She was very smart, sentimental, into history, and of course loved Wamolynn and Palomar Mt.

    This is my Christmas gift and I thank you so much for sharing.

    Things have been difficult lately and incidents like this are so very special to me. Thank you for from the bottom of my heart.

    I know that the little red cabin is in good hands and you don’t know how good that makes me feel! Here’s to Noreen and Coleen and I wish them many happy times on the mountain. Wonderful days were spent in “our” cabin through the years, and I just know they will continue the tradition to be very happy there.

    Sending love, Alicelynn

    • I knew you’d love it. Merry Christmas dear Alicelynn!

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