Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 11, 2017

New Neighbors – the Jakubs Family


Living in the city and missing the mountains, tall trees and the beauty of nature, the Jakubs family had to do something about that!  A cabin on Palomar! Crescent was exploring the woods in western Maryland while Tonja was growing up in Hood River, Oregon. They wanted to give their children the experience being surrounded by nature and the changes of the seasons that Palomar provides.  For nearly 100 years their vintage cabin was without a real foundation, insulation, a sound roof, shivered when the wind blew and all the while, dreaming of a general contractor to help it’s aches and pains. Crescent stepped up to the challenge and is checking off projects, working together as a family to restore their much-loved retreat.  During the week he is the Facilities Director for the Old Globe in Balboa Park.  Tonja has a full schedule caring for Nolan (not pictured), Tori, Harper and Zylen, and enjoys volunteering in their school.  Very musical, they all look forward to making music and more wonderful memories ’round their campfire on their mountain.

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  1. The Jakubs are our newest neighbors, and they are not only the most awesome neighbors, they are doing a wonderful job of rehab on their cabin. It’s so nice to see new life breathed into the ‘vintage lady’ on our road. Thank you for the picture and the update for all!

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