Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 10, 2017

News you can use – Document and Check

We have a new neighbor looking forward to closing his escrow today.  He lives in Tustin.  Yesterday he had his car packed up with new things to furnish his cabin.  Then he was notified that there was to be an evacuation because of the fire raging close by.  He unpacked his car and packed up important papers, change of clothes, eye glasses, prescriptions and his parrot, Lulu.

When I talked to him and see the news, it made me think of our last evacuation on Palomar.  Many of the folks impacted by these recent fires, didn’t have much time to take anything at all. Here is a post from 2014 with tips that could be helpful to be prepared:  Do you have your ‘Stuff’ photographed? Insurance review?


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