Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 13, 2017

Cook? Meal prep?


Do you love to cook? We have a new family that is interested in having a part-time home on the Mountain.  They are inquiring about having someone who would like to use their culinary skills for grocery shopping and meal prep for a few meals during their stays.  Perhaps have a great crock pot dinner waiting when they arrive, salad prepared in the fridge, cookies to go in the oven.  And/or prepare meals ahead for several days so they can just heat and serve.

It can be made at your cabin and delivered, or prepped at theirs. Yummy, healthy food.

Please click to comment and I’ll pass your info on, or simply call Brad 619-414-2744.

High heels, optional.


  1. Bon,

    When you find the cook (great idea!), send them down to us here in Fallbrook..

    Cheerio, Bob



    • Right! Had a couple responses so far and glad to have there here, too!

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