Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 9, 2017

Pretty special days on the Mountain


Flocks of turkeys are out and about with their chicks these days.  The deer had brunch this morning down in our orchard.  They were back this evening for dessert, up on their hind legs, helping themselves to the apple buffet.  We were treated to a spectacular sunset tonight watching the rain fall over Pendleton and a couple cities on the coast.  Just beautiful.  Lots to enjoy up here these last few days of summer!

The Sold page is filling up fast this year with two closings this afternoon and several more in the works.  Put up a couple Pending signs today!

There are some price reductions to tempt you to come and be our neighbor!  Take a look on the Ranches page where Apple King has a brand new price.  Wow, such gorgeous land!  Looking for a cabin?  There is only one left! Check out Chef’s Charmer that came down for you, too!

How about some land?  They aren’t making anymore of it, you know. We have two very lovely pieces of land for you to check out the wildlife and see if one of those properties could make your dreams come true!

Glad to take you ’round on a tour!

Bonnie Phelps, Resident Realtor

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  1. What a wonderful photo.

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