Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 30, 2017

Bear’s Den Mountain Home for Sale

The Pedley/Clark family roots on Palomar go back over 100 years to the days of their Great Grandfather.  He operated a thriving saw mill business. They owned all of Pedley Valley, woven with little logging roads, where trees were downed and lumber cut for the Lodge and our early cabins on Palomar.

A homestead cabin for their family with six children, looked out to their pond on land now owned by the Palomar Mutual Water company. An off-grid log cabin was built half a century ago in another location.  Modern conveniences were eventually very intriguing so the Clarks purchased their ‘Bear’s Den’ up on Crestline. Oh my, electric power, water and a real phone!

Five generations have loved Palomar all these years and are passing the torch for new owners to enjoy this home in a very private setting off Crestline.  Here is a peek for you:

Oh, you might be curious about what is in the little bowl?  Arrowhead and pottery shards the seller gathered in Pedley Valley over the years and has left for you.

More details here – Come on up for your tour!

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