Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 25, 2017

Space-X Launch today

Just minutes away but look Vandenberg direction and you just may see it!  Mike scoped it our from this look-out yesterday so if the launch is to be seen, this is where to see it.

Subject: I’m going to try watching the Space-X launch from State Park Road

Vandenberg is 200 miles away and the air is hazy … but if I’m not watching, I’m sure to miss it! The launch is scheduled for just after 1:25 PM today (Sunday).

It will be live-streamed, including the attempted landing back on the barge “Just Read the Instructions” starting about 2:10.  Here is a link:

I’ll be on State Park Road, across from Fern Meadow Road, at the turnoff at the Maintenance Yard with binoculars.

By the way, the fire across the ridge to the southeast, south of Mesa Grande, is already being hit with fire suppression aircraft – I see two dropping and one spotting.

Michael Pique

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