Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 24, 2017

A Perfect Day for a guy from the Coast

19478581_10211517325002099_664271954_o   19478512_10211517321962023_1559403657_o

The Dunbar Brothers & Son – Big Jim, Tom and Danny stopped by with a wallet they found coming up Nate Harrison Grade.  Full of credit cards, a driver’s license, cash, family photos…  We did some sleuth work and found a sister-in-law on line then finally got a call from the owner.  He said, “if you have my wallet, I’m the luckiest guy in the world”.  He was up here pretty quick from the coast.

He never thought he’d see his wallet again and was facing cancelling all his charge cards, getting a new license and all the rest.  He said the Dunbars restored his faith in humanity.

I told him most all the folks on Palomar would have done the same thing.

This mountain is pretty special that way.


  1. great guys the Dunbar family!

  2. Thank you
    Very grateful for the mountain
    I love palomar

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