Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 27, 2017

Smoke OK by High Point Look Out

From: Gray, Tim

We are burning unit 7 up by High Point Look Out today.  Today’s burn is black lining.  What is black lining?  This is a technique of burning the edges of a burn unit and letting it burn out & or securing it, for when the entire unit is burned.  The reason we are doing this, for this particular piece of ground is that we have some scientist coming out to do some research on fire shelters next week.  By black lining it allows an added degree of security and greater flexibility in how we put fire on the ground.  It is extra work upfront, but added security and flexibility for future burning.

We were originally planning on doing this yesterday but, I called the burn off due to the high wind advisory.  Here is the Map of the area we are presently working in.  Today’s Type 2 Burn Boss (RXB2) is Captain Ronald (Dink) Gregor (Captain-36), who as you might know as the Captain at the USFS Palomar Fire Station.  You can view the work we do today on the HPwren site on the south and east facing camera’s on the High Point location.

One additional note: next week CALFIRE will be helping us be successful by providing a crew each day (Tues., Wed., and Thur.) from the Puerta La Cruz Camp in Warner Springs.  CALFIRE also helps us with contingency resources and we reciprocate the same when they do prescribed burning.

As usual any residents or others that have any questions or need a burn permit on Palomar Mountain may call or text me anytime @ 619-209-1414

Tim Gray BC-33, 619-209-1414

Tim Gray, ADFMO BC-33

Fuels, Prevention

& Suppression

Forest Service


p: 619-209-1414
1634 Black Canyon Rd Ramona, CA 92065
Caring for the land and serving people

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