Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 27, 2017

Annie! Mountain Style!

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Leapin’ lizards!  Annie opens this weekend so Palomar Mountain’s Daddy Warbucks had his head shaved!  This good friend of FDR happens to be our son, Brandon, who lives next door with his wife Heidi and our four ‘treasures’.  The family talked about his character in the play and decided it was time for ‘Popi’ to have his head shaved for the role.  He asked the kids to do it but there was resistance until 9 year old Judah finally said, “someone’s got to do it, I might as well”.

There are so many things to tempt you with mountain kids on stage over the next two weekends, here is yet another opportunity to get out and get in on some fun!

Three of the kids in the play call me ‘Grandma Bonnie’.  Kiki and Sunshine are little orphan girls and Judah is a New Yorker, the assistant dog catcher (and this morning’s barber).  I’ve been able to slip in a couple dress rehearsals and ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness, there is some great talent in this show!

annie logo

LOCATION – Community Lutheran Church Bailey Bees Theater

3575 E. Valley Parkway Escondido, CA 92027

Entrance is on Lake Wolford Road

Click for tickets or get them at the door

See mountain kids at Into the Woods and Axium, too!

Oh my!  We need a little theater group up here again, don’t you think?

How fun that would be,






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