Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 26, 2017

Ready For Wildfire? Two things to do!



With all the rain we have had this year, we are enjoying a beautiful spring but it could be a challenging fire season.  There are two things you can start to be prepared.

1. There is a very cool app to make a huge difference when we are in a very hot situation.  Our fire department on Palomar is now CalFire.  This app for your phone will post alerts and  gives you a guide to be ‘Ready, Set, and Go’ if needed.

2. Be sure to register your all your phones, including VoIP, house phones and cell, for ‘reverse 911 calls’.  No matter where you are, if there is a fire near your property, you get a recorded call.

Click for a great UnionTribune article telling about the app.

Direct link to CalFire Ready-for-Wildfire-App

Click to register your phones for reverse 911 calls with Alert San Diego

Links are also found on our Fire Safe Council Website


  1. Thanks for the reminder, Bonnie. Good Information!!

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