Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 26, 2017

Propane solution with Allstate

tank switch

Complaints have come in from folks about very high propane bills (that usually get reduced if you call the office) and being charged for ‘non-usage’ (not something I have ever seen on a contract).  Here is one property owner’s solution:

From:  Frank McCarthy

For the last year and a half I have received Propane bills that were 40% over market price. Twice the company credited me back when I complained. This last billing cycle they told me that I would not receive a credit. In one case they charged me $4.03 per gallon when the market price was right around $2.50. For that bill the price dropped from $1000 to $600 dollars! I figured the first time was a mistake but after the next two, I knew it was their pricing model.

I shopped around and noticing that Lake Henshaw and the Mendenhall’s were using Allstate, and knowing that they were the lowest every time I called around, I made the switch. Allstate made it pretty easy. They transfer the gas for you. Their tank rental was half the cost annually of the former company at $89. They will fill your tank, for the first time, at roughly a 20% discount per gallon. There was about $95 in other fees. They drain the old tank completely. In my case it took about an hour and a half. I figure that I’ll save at least $500 annually by switching. And, aside from that, Ben Sulser and his team are nice people.  Here is their info:

Allstate Propane,  Ben Sulser, Manager

Office 760-244-9160   Cell 760 315-7696





  1. We have had excellent service and prices from Ferrellgas 800-366-3691. I got a postcard from them every fall for the last 3 years with a “special offer” around $1.90/gallon delivered. I always pre-pay for propane by calling them and ordering a set number of gallons at the stated price. They charge my CC and deliver the propane within a few days, NO surprises.

    If you can read your propane gauge regularly and order when your tank gets low (no lower than 20%), you’ll save money, rather than being on the “keep full” plan. My neighbor had that, and was being charged $4.50/gal. until she called and complained.

    If you don’t own your tank, you are typically charged a higher per gallon price, in addition to the annual tank rental fee. Work it out for yourself, but usually it’s worth buying a tank ($1,500) if you use a fair amount of propane (full time resident?), and plan to keep your cabin more than 3-5 years. There are used tanks available for less if you search. Keep in mind installation costs too.

    Shop around if changing companies, usually one will match anothers prices if you mention them by name on the phone.

    • Great info – I’ll turn it around. Thanks

  2. Thank you so much! As I said, in my previous post, the scenario you mention is exactly what we have experienced with ProFlame. We will be switching. Thanks again.

  3. Valley Center propane may be another good choice..The owner Dan is an ethical individual..

    • Thanks David. I’ll connect with Dan.

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