Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 20, 2017

Meals for Glenn and Cecelia?

Copy of IMG_6988 6 for web

Cecelia needs to limit herself to holding nothing heavier than a tea cup?!?  Oh my! Doctor’s orders will cramp her style for a couple weeks.  See message below about how you can help:

FROM: Melanie Hasty

Cecelia Borland will be having cataract surgery on Wednesday. We all know Cecelia to be on her feet and busy with her hands. After her upcoming surgery, she can’t do most of her regular responsibilities. For her to heal quickly and enjoy this experience, we don’t want we to push herself beyond doctor’s orders. That means we have to help her. She has been told not to lift more then a tea cup, which is more then most kitchen items.

Can you deliver a meal?  To make it easier for Glenn-the-head-cook-and-dishwasher during these few weeks, it would be nice if the meal could be in disposable containers.  They will have paper goods on hand.

Please email You might even bring a cup of tea with you to enjoy together.

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