Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 23, 2017

Henshaw is Filling Up!


Out and about for an early inspection a few days ago.  Just had to stop and take this for you.  With all this wonderful rain, looking out over the Jeff Valley and the beautiful meadow of the Dyche, Lake Henshaw caught the morning sky, showing off a little more water.

More rain and snow is promised over the next few days.  If we had some moisture this morning, it would have been WHITE with the thermometer at 26 degrees.

Is your cabin winterized?  We don’t have to have snow for pipes to freeze, you know.   🙂  Propane topped off?  Good supply of hot chocolate and s’mores?

Great, then you are all set!


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Snow Tips:


  1. Thank you Marilyn, I just updated to add the Dyche. This property borders the Jeff so that is pretty special to the new buyers. The photo is dark with that early morning light so you don’t see the Jeff’s meadow out there. I didn’t even think to mention the Dyche Valley right in the middle of the pic! 🙂 Good help is hard to find! 😉

  2. Isn’t the “valley” in your picture Dyche Valley?! not Jeff Valley?. Or after umpteen years in that valley I don’t recognize it anymore? M Schupp

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